Memorial for Spanish American War Veterans in Irvine Park

Muster Roll Co L, 7th California Volunteer Infantry
Spanish American War

Solomon H. Finley, Captain
Walter A. Greenleaf, First Lieut.
Lewis L. Vestal, Second Lieut.
George H. Magill, First Sergeant
Allan F. Smith, Quartermaster Sergeant
Leo R. Brock
John C. Abbey
Charles W. Hannah
Louis A. Barrett
Gilbert P. Campbell

William B. Bowers
Albert H. Sitton
Hugh M. Day
Gilbert E. Johnson
Francis S. Weber
Thomas M. McReynolds
Clyde L. Bishop
Emerson Collier
Royal C. McClay
William A. Eades
Albert P. Dresser

Louis W. Baker
Linton E. Manuel

Anton L.Walker

Baynard E. Nourse
Myron C. Holderman

Adams, Charles H.
Adams, Leonidas H
Allen, Martin
Austin, James A.
Barker, Charles W.
Barton, Ernest F.
Bowman, Charles E
Bradbury, Edward R.
Brown, Thomas
Bush, David
Carmack, Lee
Chase, Henry A.
Clough, Emery A. .
Colley, Harry
Cooper, Marriot C.
Day, Alonzo
Dilley, Elmer
Dilley, Thomas
Dunham, William
Ellis, John C.
Evans, Edward
Farmer, James
Field, David D.
Field, Gary M.
Fish, Birney
Fox, George K.
Gladden, Morgan L.
Glasser, William L.
Halladay, Guy W.
Hatfield, Joseph S.
Hickey, Edwin C.
Higgens, Willie
Higley, Henry F.
Hossler, Frank C.
Imes, Clinton
Johnson, Thomas B.
Johnson, David J.
Kepley, Charles W.
Kolberg, Charles F. W.
Kutzenga, Edward N.
Kurtz, Oscar S.
Light, Harry B.
Littlefield, Roscoe
Love, John
Lutz, Benjamin
Lutz, Fred W.
Lyon, Perry O.
McDivitt, William L
McGougan, John O.
McMurry, Bert C.
McNaught, Charles W.
Mefford, Joseph
Minter, Charles A.
Muffleman, Henry J.
Nail, Warner P.
Newman, Arthur
Nigg, Wolfgang
North, Constantine L.
Northcross, Bob
Northcross, Nelms N.
Northcross, William
Ogborn, Everett F.
Overshiner, Clifton J.
Peabody, Henry
Prichard, William W.
Shannon, Samuel
Sissons, Wilbur R
Smith, Walter
Steadman, Alvirus R.
Talbott, Glenn E.
Thomas, Henry
Truman, Thomas J.
Turner, Charles E.
Upham, Harry G.
Vegeley, Raymond F.
Waffle, Charles E.
Warling, Olaf N.
Wilms, Joseph J.
Woodrome, Henry L.
Zerman, Victor E

On the reverse side of the monument is a plaque
cast from metal recovered from the USS Maine.

In memoriam:

Louis W. Baker
Guy W. Halladay
Constantine L. North
William P. Northcross

Gave the utmost

USS Maine destroyed in Havana Harbor. Feb 15, 1898

This monument is located in Irvine Regional Park, City of Orange, California.

This does not infer that these men served on the Battleship Maine, in fact this unit never left the states but these men were willing and even eager to fight. After the sinking of the Maine and war was declared against Spain the California National Guard was called into service and Company L, part of the Seventh California Infantry, was sent from Santa Ana to San Francisco in preparation for service in the Philippines. In his book “The Story of Company L, Santa Ana’s Own” 1956 Fraser Press, Claremont CA -Charles D. Swanner says “The Seventh California Infantry, of which Company L was a part, were sworn into Federal Service on May 9th, 1898, at the Presidio. The men were equipped for service in the Philippines, their spirits high, and everyone looked forward to combat service in that area. The Seventh Regiment was moved to Camp Merritt, the embarkation camp on San Fran­cisco bay, on May 25th 1898, and assigned to the steamship Indiana, scheduled to sail on June 25th, 1898. Then on June 20th, 1898, came an order rescinding their departure. What a disappointment! But General Harrison G. Otis sent assur­ances that they would leave with the Fourth Expedition on July 15th, 1898. Hope springs anew in the human breast and the men look forward to departing on that later date. But July 15th arrived, the Fourth Expedition sailed away, and Company L, with the other units of the Seventh California Infantry, were still marking time at Camp Merritt, confused and heartbroken to have been left behind the second time. However, General Otis assured the officers of the Seventh Regiment on July 17th that they would be included in the Fifth Expedition, that was leaving on July 23rd, 1898. The Fifth Expedition disappeared over the horizon, and again the Seventh Regiment was left behind, but were advised that they would sail on the ship Scandia, leaving on July 28th, 1898. By this time the men of Company L were becoming skeptical of the promises and assurances that they would be sent overseas, and sure enough the Scandia sailed without them. The morale of the men was anything but good after the many disappointments they had received, but General Miller assured them that they would be shipped out on August 22nd, 1898, on the ships Sydney and Australia, but that day came and nothing happened. The men of the regiment were ready to riot and in an ugly mood! Only good officers and discipline kept them in line. The regiment moved back to the Presidio on August 24th, 1898. The war was over and the regiment was mustered out of service at Los Angeles on December 2nd, 1898.”