Newsletter Submissions

If you would like to submit items to the SOCCGS newsletter, send email to Newsletter Editor with your submission.

Newsletter Article submissions should be received by the Wednesday after the monthly meeting.

An article should be a text or MS Word document attachment, emailed to the Newsletter Editor and have a Subject line: “SOCCGS Newsletter Article – article title or description”

e.g. Subject: SOCCGS Newsletter Article – “Changing My Search Strategy Helped Me Find My Grandpa John”.

A typewriter hardcopy article will be accepted, but will be delayed for digitization.

The use of “Georgia” font of size 11 is requested but not mandatory for acceptance.

The use of special line spacing or boxes is discouraged, because it doesn’t fit the format of the newsletter and has to be removed to prevent problems with the print at the printer.

Examples of typical acceptable articles received might include but are not limited to:

  • Information about a website new to a member that helped in their research.
  • How a member made a new connection in their research.
  • A one or two page biography of one of a member’s ancestors (An attached digitized image of a photograph, painting or drawing can be embedded in any submission)
  • A description of a genealogical trip that proved to be fruitful to a members research.
  • A special technique a member uses in their research that they feel might be beneficial to fellow researchers.
  • A feature of genealogical software that helps a member in working on their genealogy.