Speaker-August 2020


 August 15, 2020

 “An Accidental Find Leads to a Monumental Discovery: God’s Hand in the Return of the Bradford Journal”

Presented by: Scott Miller

The fascinating story of the discovery of the Bradford Journal is a presentation that Scott Miller first produced in 2017, and has been requested and well-received by several Colonies around the State since then. It highlights the miraculous protections that the Bradford Journal providentially experienced to ensure that we have the single most complete history of the Pilgrims and Plymouth ever written. Many of the facts about the Plymouth Plantation and Pilgrims we know today would have been lost to history, had this journal been destroyed or permanently lost. In fact, when it was finally returned to our shores, Massachusetts Senator, George F. Hoar, exclaimed regarding William Bradford’s Journal, that “there is nothing like it in human annals since the story of Bethlehem.”

About the speaker: Scott Miller, an 11th generation descendant of Governor William Bradford, is currently the California Mayflower Deputy Governor South and Orange County Colony Governor. He has been a member of GSMD since 2011. Scott has been married to his wife, Marina, for nearly 30 years, and is an alumnus of the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He has worked in the Energy Franchise Retail space for nearly 20 years, and is currently the Corporate Training Development Manager for the “ExtraMile Franchise,” the 3rd largest convenience store company on the West Coast – exclusively at Chevron and Texaco Fuel Stations.

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Time: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.